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Malice Mizer Backstage

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All Members , Moderated
This is the place to share all your Malice Mizer Backstage related media.

-Media are always shared behind a LJ cut, if you don't know how such a LJ cut works, you should take a look here.

-(small)Preview pictures may be put before a LJ cut though.

-Post Malice Mizer Backstage media only! A picture of the members on stage, or during a photoshoot are, no matter how rare they are, not allowed.

-Backstage pictures of Gackt, Mana or any ex-Malice Mizer member solo, are allowed. Though photo's from their Malice Mizer time are more appreciated.

-Though, Madousho scans from September 2004 to today, are not allowed.

-Please don't repost pictures, scans etc. posted here. Link to the entry you want to show others instead, it even spares you some time.

-Scans from which you know that the owner does not want you to share them (such as pictures from beautifulmen.vze), will not be shared. You can post a link to the owners website instead.

-Every post will be checked by me, so images won't be posted twice, or images that don't match the description of Malice Mizer Backstage, won't make it to the community.

Moderator: es_chan
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